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Pandora, MRadio and the Next incarnation



<a href="http://madonnaremixes.com'>http://madonnaremixes.com"><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-481" title="question-mark" src="http://madonnaradio.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/question-mark.jpg" alt="" width="322" height="322" /></a>ActiveTV's are great, check out <a href="http://www.vizio.com/via/" target="_blank">http://www.vizio.com/via/</a> , they including social networking and radio stations. i have a blueray player that streams Pandora and Netflix.

There's a channel on Pandora titled "Madonna Radio" and it plays music other than Madonna. I tried this out a couple of years ago and fans said "Why are you playing music by other bands and artists on Madonna Radio"? including "Madonna Radio should play Madonna". I played multiple artists for a month or longer around December 2008.

I agreed with the fans and began playing Madonna Radio with strickly Madonna songs and mash-ups.

Pandora's Madonna Radio is now doing the same thing as the madonna radio dotcom did in 2008.

Do you want other artists played on Madonna Radio dotcom?

I began a site with Dens54, called "TheRemixes.com" which is to play Madonna Radio's remixers who have remixed other artists. I created a facebook page for it and it was removed from facebook.

I created an account in Pandora named "Madonna Radio" though it doesn't play for others. I can share the playlist but it doesn't play through like madonnaradio.com.

Do you want other artists (other than Madonna Radio) on the next version of Madonna Radio? Should MadgeRadio.com be only Madonna and MadonnaRadio.com become other artist music and remixes? Maybe Madonna would listen to Madonna Radio if it's completely new artist, sounds and inspiration. Shouldn't we create a station so that she would listen ?

I say Absolutely. Do you want to help?

You Tell Me. And people keep mentioning a petition, how is that done?

I created an app using iLike for iTunes iPhone/iPod, see it at <a href="http://madonnaremixes.com" target="_blank">http://madonnaremixes.com</a>. it was embedded into iTunes for iPhone/iPod Touch. It stayed in iTunes for several months, until the iPad came out. The app was deactivated and someone created the "Madonna" app. i've been given legal advice, we're free to run with madonna radio, as a brand.  What would Madonna do? i moved forward then I see the pandora being built into the blueray players. We created Madonna Radio before they did. What do we have to do to get embedded into these devices?

I pointed mradio.ws, mradio.mp, mradio.me to madonnaradio.com. mradio.me can be the html5 version.

i'm speaking with dens54 about some of this tonight...

love & light


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