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Lady Gaga with Larry King



Lady Gaga gave an interview to talk show host Larry King, on CNN.
She is now convinced she’s beginning to morph into Madonna - because her mother looks so much like the Queen of pop. www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Larry King: Many articles about you refer to Madonna comparisons, parallels… What do you make of all that? What do you think of her?
Lady Gaga: I think Madonna’s great. She’s been a wonderful friend, and very kind and supportive… Amazing. She’s such an incredible woman. I get compared to so many people and we all get compared to each other. We’re blond, brunette, black, white, straight, gay… But on another level kinda funny, because my mother actually looks very much like Madonna and the older I’ve gotten I looked more and more like my mother, so… Sometimes I just want to say: “It’s not my fault I look like her” [laughs]

Larry King: Did you have fun doing that skit with her on Saturday Night Live?
Lady Gaga: I did, she’s great. We had a blast. We were laughing. We’re both quite militant about rehearsals, so we were driving everybody crazy rehearsing over and over again. SNL wanted us to go get ready for the show and we kept going. She’s so great… of course, no bad comparison to Madonna. She’s wonderful and there can never be another, so I’ll have to think of even more ways to annoy and shock everyone, because she has done everything.

Finally Gaga revealed she was asked to open for Michael Jackson on his tour.
But when asked “Who do you look up to?” Gaga mentioned her mother, grandmother, princess Diana, David Bowie… but not Madonna !


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