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The only way to write about this artist is to sit, have a glass of wine and write. He's a California guy and has remixed some fantastic versions I've heard. "They don't make them like that anymore" rings in my mind. He runs in the same circle with Dens54, Cleo and Pander. He's not as active as he was, maybe because the music isn't as inspiring as it was? The time has come to pay homage to ORNIQUE, a genuine great.  Ornique When i first ran across his remixes, i listened over and over... his sounds are original, that's for sure. what strikes me, still today - many years later- is his ability to embed messages in his Madonna remixes. For instance, he took Nobody Knows Me and reversed it so we hear "I want no time". When i was a kid, i would sit in my room and play Madonna's tapes over and over while sitting in my room. I didn't know the lyrics so i would rewind and write what i heard. Cut to 25 years later and I had a blog (years ago on msn.spaces.com) where i would type the remix artist's versions of Madonna's songs, their lyrics, reworked. Ornique and Cleo were the two artists typed up the most. They had her singing different words on various occasions. i wonder what ever happened to my notebooks with madonna's original lyrics... When i hear his version of Nobody Knows Me, she makes sense to me... if you can understand. "I Want No Time" (which she doesn't say in her version, she says - of course- "I want no lies". When i look at her through the eyes of Ornique, I 'get' it. What's it called when you are alive forever? immortal. Beyond space and time as she writes in Easy Ride, which he also reworked. He certainly keeps her messages in the songs intact though he adds some of his own, maybe on purpose, maybe because it sounds great- i'm actually afraid we'll never know much more about Ornique. I love his work and I adore his dedication. [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/ornique-madonna-nobody-knows-me-down-deep-remix] Ornique Madonna Nobody Knows Me Down Deep Remix by madonnaradio Easy Ride was revisited by Ornique in 2005. He didn't mess with her lyrics too much, he basically sped the time up (remixed of course) easyride.jpg-- "I want to let go of all disappointment that's waiting for me, what I want is to live forever, not defined by time and space it's a lonely place  that's what I want, I go round and round just like a circle i can see a clearer picture when i touch the ground i come full circle to my place and i am home" -- Promise to Try is a flagged beautiful piece of art. It's totally reworked from Madonna's original. He kept her lyrics in-tact. Ornique Promise to Try Reworked Mix by madonnaradio promise to try was always my kind of ballad, it was like she was speaking to lola though she was speaking to child-herself, in my humble opinion. it's a great piece. can't kiss her goodbye but i promise to try. Try... little girl, Intervention is next, his Tranced Dream Dub. [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/intervention-tranced-dream-dub] Intervention Tranced Dream Dub by madonnaradio This one changed my thoughts about remixes, in general. I began to notice dubs. this is one you just have to listen to for understanding. he reworked her lyrics, dubs usually do though he kept her message in the song which many dubs do not. He has her singing ' and know that love will change forever. Forever You change..... forever forever you change' forever forever you change. He's done majority of AMERICAN LIFE. I haven't asked him why. We've spoken on several occasions. His website currently is under RECONSTRUCTION. Still, on his page within Madonna Radio, i link to it and his myspace account. He's usually filed under THE REAL ORNIQUE online. You can find him in the usual places searching for "THE REAL ORNIQUE". When we have spoken, he is always kind, and shy- in my opinion. His website uses tripod and I've invited him to use Madonna Radio as his main portal, integrating his remixes he has completed for other artists... He did a great job with Stefani's greatest hit (thus far) it's all about the tick tock. Here is the link: Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For (Ornique Stripped Clubmix). Great work, he remixes many artists and... it's as though he channels them then interprets. Very Unique. It's Ornique. If you have Ornique's Madonna Remixes, you have 'Ornique Open Your Heart Abrupt & Turbulent Remix' [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/ornique-open-your-heart-abrupt-turbulent-remix] Ornique Open Your Heart Abrupt & Turbulent Remix by madonnaradio It's a great remix though i find his ballad type remixes are truly his versions, the ones he most works on... He made a ballad type of remix to DIE ANOTHER DAY. He reinvented Die Another Day (Trance Hall). His sounds are great, he spends much of his time adjusting to her original vocals. For me, it gets good at minute 2:11 when he winds the music up. Die Another Day by Ornique is a great remix. Here is his version CLICK. I'm So Stupid is another great REMIX by Ornique. This goes to his core, he kept the lyrics and rewrote her message a little. Click Here for the remix of I'm So Stupid. For "Into the Groove" he rewrote a bit. It's a great version: Click here. His version of Hung Up is great, it gives me images of a roller derby, like Sorry. he plays with speed. He plays with messages. The above songs were all pre-Hard Candy. Rumor has|d it, when Hard Candy was 6 months pre-sale, that Ornique was ready to stop remixing. He's a great talent and he kept on going... From Hard Candy, he did; She's Not Me She's not me (Orniques Vocal Remix) [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/shes-not-me-orniques-vocal-remix] She's not me (Orniques Vocal Remix) by madonnaradio Miles Away For Miles Away, he remixed it and did a piano instrumental. I adore his piano instrumental, That's Ornique. He reworded HEARTBEAT. heartbeat.jpg [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/madonna-heartbeat-ornique-clubmix] Madonna - Heartbeat (Ornique Clubmix) by madonnaradio The overtone of this remix is mainly a message stating  "Let the music play cause I'm here to stay." "uh, lower uh, lil lower baby uh" " I Feel Free I Feel Free I Feel Free I Feel Free " It's synchronicity . 4 Minutes he kept the testosterone in the song though made it ballad-like. He made the song beautiful. The original version, less often enjoyed. tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock - he made a wind-like sound that i love. it's a great version. [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/madonna-4-minutes-ornique-fluid-mix] Madonna - 4 Minutes (Ornique Fluid Mix) by madonnaradio Here is NOTHING FAILS by Ornique (It's fast pace (club), great work.) Here is his version of Deeper and Deeper, This, in my opinion, is his signature sound. [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/ornique-deeper-and-deeper-smooth-drift-remix] Ornique Deeper and Deeper Smooth Drift remix by madonnaradio Easy Ride Ornique Orient Remix [soundcloud width=100%" height="81" params="" url="http://soundcloud.com/madonnaradio/easy-ride-ornique-orient-remix] Easy Ride Ornique Orient Remix by madonnaradio Ornique reminds me of AMERICAN LIFE, the album. He's a kind person and very American. The remixes that touch me the most are from American Life. The songs that touch me the most are 'Has to Be' and 'Promise to Try'. http://madonnaradio.com/Ornique [caption id=attachment_468" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="http://madonnaradio.com/Ornique]http://madonnaradio.com/Ornique[/caption]


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