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Lady Gaga on meeting Madonna



Warhol is such a big influence in your work, and Madonna is as well. How is it having a personal relationship with her now? After all she did know Warhol, and I think we can state he’s your biggest influence. Meeting you for 1 minute was so surreal (you gave me an autograph after a concert.) I can’t even imagine having a personal relationship with someone I adore so much. How do you feel when someone not only so iconic, but also such a big personal influence, is suddenly an accessible person? – Asked by Laurent James, Antwerp, Belgium.

Lady Gaga:
Madonna is a wonderful wonderful person. She is so full of the most wonderful freedom and spirit, and is so kind. Working with her has always been very exciting and very fun. We have shared some wonderful honest moments together. She comes to my shows, I’ve asked her questions, she give me advice. It’s been my experience in the industry that I’ve connected on a much deeper level with the more iconic and legendary people that I have admired, and not with any of my contemporaries. The one things the legends all; have in common are that they are the nicest human beings I have ever met. As a segue-way from knowing, and meeting and loving Madonna it has allowed me to meet amazing, wonderful iconic people. By meeting these people, I have discovered myself. My freedom. My security. Myself.

Thanks to John


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