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The Sticky & Sweet Tour Thaï DVD includes a leather key chain with a silver M on it. www.absolumentmadonna.fr
The Russian version of the CD/DVD comes with a jewel case with an obi.


According to newspaper Daily Star, Madonna picked up a £20,000 bar tab for her dancers, when she went out to the Aura nightclub in London last week .


According to Reuters, the israeli city of Safed (also known as Tzfat) which Madonna visited last year, is now enjoying a touristic boom since the Queen of Pop paid her respects at the grave of the 16th-century rabbi revered as the founder of modern Kabbalah.
Laurie Rappeport, once of Detroit, who runs a visitor center argues, “Yes, she was here. She went to the cemetery. She herself may be very sincere. But she has turned Kabbalah into a joke, a cult.”
Tour guide Richard Woolf explains that “Kabbalah’s been hyped up, by the Madonna connection and so on. Every now and then people ask ‘Where did she go?’, It’s a curiosity, that’s all.”


Australian singer Sia introducing her cover of “Oh Father” from Madonna, in Copenhagen…

“I changed the words a little bit.
Madonna wouldn’t let me change the words on the record, but I change them when I sing them live.
‘Caus she’s not here!
And I don’t reckon she’s on youtube, like… caring or anything.”


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