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David Foster " So seductive"



Music producer David Foster who produced two tracks for Madonna in her “Something to Remember” compilation, talked about the first time meeting her, during his book tour…www.absolumentmadonna.fr

“I don’t know her that well. I only did a few songs with her.
When I met Madonna to decide whether we were going to work together, she wanted to have dinner in New York. I never met her before, I knew her music. I sat down at dinner. She does the Bill Clinton, where she breaks the 18 inch rule; she will get right up in you. But I must tell you that Madonna was so seductive at dinner that night and she wasn’t doing it. She was not interested in me. It’s just who she is. It just oozes out of her. I was like… (mouth drops)
I found her to be so seductive; it was hard for me to concentrate. There’s more beautiful women in the world, but she’s sexy, she’s really sexy.
We ended up doing a few songs together and had some good success together.”


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