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Gaga Loves "Glee"



Lady Gaga Loved 'Glee' Tribute Episode

By PopEater Staff  Posted May 26th 2010 03:13PM

'Glee' Lady Gaga - Watch the full  episode'Glee' went Gaga last night, and in our opinion, it very much lived up to all the hype. Even Lady Gaga chimed in this morning via Twitter, exclaiming, "GLEE WAS SO AMAZING! AH!!!!" Now that's a lot of exclamation points.


In an episode titled 'Theatricality,' McKinley High's New Directions learns a valuable lesson in individuality and self-expression, and what better way to let their freak flags fly than dressing in ridiculous bubble dresses and sky-high monster heels? Want to relive the magic? Our friends over at TV Squad have a great recap. Or, in case you missed it entirely and have just been nodding along until now, watch the full episode after the jump. >>




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