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Jean-Paul Gaultier Teams Up With Pataugas Shoes for 60th Birthday

Press Release Source: Sarenza On Wednesday May 26, 2010, 1:00 am EDT

PARIS, FRANCE--(Marketwire - 05/26/10) - Pataugas have announced the launch of a very special line of shoes created with the help of World famous designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier.

With Madonna and Kylie Minogue amongst the list of singers who the designer has worked with, as well as being a successful and celebrated haute couture designer, Gaultier has achieved an illustrious career for over 30 years. He is probably the most renowned designer in the spectacular world of haute couture and his collaboration with Pataugas shoes is simply the most perfect way to mark their 60th birthday.

The Pataugas label was created in 1950 and have since became known for creating stylish and comfortable footwear. They made a name for themselves with their rubber soles canvas boots, originating from quality shoes for the great outdoors but they injected with urban chic and resulting in a high end brand of easy to wear shoes.

It seems almost a case of serendipity then, that Gaultier, who was born two years after the brand was created, should help them celebrate 60 successful years in shoe design. He has done so by producing a fantastic range of designs in his trademark style for the company.

Sylvie Bondil, Managing Director of Pataugas, states that the two are almost kindred spirits in their attitude to fashion, saying: "Jean-Paul Gaultier and Pataugas principles are very similar actually - simple design, devotion to the product, authenticity... all this corresponds to our two brands".

The authenticity of the unique and exclusive Gaultier Pataugas designs, in particular, is going to be a major selling point, as the designer's classic styles of French sailor and fishnets are interpreted into footwear.

The detail and craftsmanship which the brand have put into the designs includes debating over the most suitable, durable fabric that renders identical to what a sailor would wear and Gaultier's input is evident. It is clear that the famous designer has ensured he can put his stamp on the shoes in his own way and with complete satisfaction in the final product. In fact, Pataugas confirmed that there was plentiful communication between the two brands, with Gaultier communicating with them at every stage of the process.

It has already been announced that there are plans for another collaborative effort for Autumn/Winter 2010 as interest in the Jean- Paul Gaultier range has been so high.

This unique collaboration in fashionable footwear will be available online from Sarenza.co.uk. Sarenza, founded in 2005, is the leading online shoe shop in France and launched in the UK in November 2009. Sarenza offers the biggest choice of shoes, with over 7,000 pairs from 250 different brands, and excellent service including free delivery.


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