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Special screening of Susan at Los Angeles Film Festival



Live from the USLucky Madonna fans in the Los Angeles area will have a chance to watch again on the big screen the classic 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan, for free.

"Susan" will be back on the silver screen after 25 years on Saturday, Jun 19th at 8:00pm during the Los Angeles Film Festival. Don't miss this chance to re-live a piece of Madonna history as her early hour fans in the 80's did.

Desperately Seeking Susan
Free Screenings 
(USA, 1985, 104 mins)
Directed By: Susan Seidelman
Executive Producer: Michael Peyser
Producers: Sarah Pillsbury, Midge Sanford
Screenwriter: Leora Barish
Cinematographer: Edward Lachman
Editor: Andrew Mondshein
Cast: Rosanna Arquette, Madonna, Aidan Quinn
Music: Thomas Newman

When Susan Seidelman’s Desperately Seeking Susan came out 25 years ago, it encapsulated the freewheeling spirit of ‘80s downtown New York. It was Madonna’s wonderfully trashy and sassy big screen debut, and a triumph for Rosanna Arquette, who plays a suburban housewife who gets amnesia after a knock on the head and wakes up convinced she’s the swaggering hipster Susan, with whom she’s become obsessed. Trouble is, the real Susan - played by you know who - has gangsters on her tail, and a long line of discarded boyfriends. Put on your pink tutu and get back in the groove!


Screening Schedule
Sat, Jun 19th 8:00pm
7+Fig at Ernst and Young Plaza


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