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NEWS - Madonna's charity got one million dollars out of AmFAR

Madonna’s charity got one million dollars out of AmFAR

by ZaCK, www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Website showbiz411 recently published an article on how Dr. Mathilde Krim - who created AmFAR, the fundraising group for AIDS research - explained that Raising Malawi got a $1 million from AmFAR in 2008! www.absolumentmadonna.fr

She apparently explained that two years ago Madonna made an appearance here in Cannes for AmFar’s annual “Cinema Against AIDS” dinner. Madonna was in town to promote her self-important Africa documentary. She’d never been to Cinema Against AIDS before. Sharon Stone, as usual, was the emcee and auctioneer. Madonna - who has not donated money to AmFAR at least through her charitable Ray of Light foundation - auctioned off a couple of handbags she owned, a signed guitar, and some miscellaneous items from the stage, even some used tissues.

For her time, and the publicity, Madonna apparently received a donation to her Raising Malawi charity, of $1 million.

Never before Madonna picked up that million dollar check had AmFAR given such a large donation to any organization. In 2008, in fact, the second largest amount given to one entity was a total of about $350,000 to the University of New South Wales in New Zealand.

The average amount AmFAR hands out is $10,000 with a few exceptions.

One of AmFAR’s execs, Kevin Frost, apparently explained that “The event Madonna attended raised $10 million.”


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