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Anyone Having Trouble Getting May's Interview?



I had ordered the two different copies of May's Interview a few days ago from a seller on Ebay. Now he says he's having trouble getting it, that they've not been delivered yet.

I ordered from ebay because it is virtually impossible getting Interview around where I live. There's only one store in town that sells them and then a few others, but it's an hour or more away....I called all these places within a two hour radius around my house and nobody has them in stock yet. April's issue is still on the stands.

I am wondering if anyone else, espeically those in New York and even Los Angeles who usually get these magazines first, before other markets. I know my market is nearly last on the list....but with magazines, these issues usually come out a month early and May is almost over....

Any info would be great....and appreciated.

I'd like to hear your experiences if anyone out there in Icon Social land has had any problems (or not) getting these issues.

Many thanks,



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