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Norton: Madonna is 'Holy Grail' of guests



Graham Norton has described Madonna as the 'Holy Grail' of chatshow guests.
The presenter said he wants the iconic singer on his show to such an extent that he would devote an entire programme to her.
Norton, who is also currently hosting BBC One's Over The Rainbow, told What's On TV: 'If we're on the air long enough, hopefully there will come a day when she'll come on. Essentially it's because I'd like to meet her, it's as simple as that. I've never met her and I'd like to.'
'In her case I think you'd do a special. I think you'd have to do a special just with her, maybe with other people along the way but it would be the Madonna show. If Glee can give up their show for her then I'm sure I can.'
Recent guests on The Graham Norton Show have included Jennifer Lopez and John Cleese.

From Digital Spy


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