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Gaga Designs Hat Line?



Lady Gaga Designing a Hat Line

Posted by: Jennifer G.



Lady Gaga is ready to start doing something else she loves.  Designing hats!  We have seen a lot of crazy “hats” covering Gaga’s head so I guess she’s perfect for the task.

Lady Gaga Says “Don’t Have Sex”

She wants to team up with Philip Treacy and is going to move to London if they actually make a deal.  One source said,

“Gaga’s crazy about the idea.  Philip agreed to give her an internship when they met at the Brits. She hopes to take him up on the offer this summer.  Lady Gaga has requested an internship but Philip will have to check her sewing skills first.”

Naughty Girl: Lady Gaga Goes Out In See Through Underwear (Photo)

I am sure she’s got enough sewing skills for the job and if not, she will learn.  This is a great opportunity for her to put all of that creative madness into something everyone will want to buy.

The Gaga mania continues!


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