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Chance Sings Gaga on Ellen



Greyson Chance On Ellen:Boy Sings Lady Gaga

Greyson Chance On Ellen:Boy Sings Lady Gaga – The newest YouTube sensation, Greyson Chance,appeared on the Ellen show, after a video of him playing the piano and singing the Lady Gaga hit song, “Paparazzi,” took off and quickly received over 9 million views in the day since its release. Greyson is an overnight celebrity and found himself taking his first ever plane ride to appear on the show. It has all been coming fast and quick for Chance.

“I was sitting in math class when I got a text from my mom: ‘Call me ASAP,’ ” Chance told DeGeneres of hearing the news he was wanted on the show. “This was my first flight, so I was really scared. … I’m still taking it all in.”

Chance said that since his video went viral, the girls at school have started to pay more attention to him in the hallways.”Let’s just say I’ve gotten a couple of numbers and made some new friends,” Chance said.

In addition to covering popular songs, Chance has also written two songs of his own titled “Broken Hearts,” and “Stars,” that are also posted to his YouTube account. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chance got a call from a record company in the next few weeks.

” ‘Stars’ is about a wife who dies of cancer, and she goes into the stars and her husband shortly after goes into the stars with her,” he said. “I just kind of felt it. ‘Broken Hearts’ I lived. [it's] about two girls in particular. … I tried to make some pretty powerful hints into it, but I’m not going to say their names, of course.”


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