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Gaga's "Then You Love Me" Leaks



VIDEO - Lady Gaga "Then You Love Me" New Song Leak

May 02, 2010 04:31 PM EDT (Updated: May 03, 2010 04:36 AM EDT)


LADY-GAGA-ESQUIRE.jpgThere's been a new leaked song from Lady Gaga's titled "Then You Love Me." To me, it has an old school 80's Madonna feel to it but it sounds great and she soulfully sings it. Unfortunately there's some random guy named Casey who random speaks aka tags sporadically throughout the snippet... Bummer.

I don't want to hear some guy shouting mad props to people I don't know or about himself and NO, he's NOT my boi. Whatever, the song itself is good. Lady Gaga does well holding the vocals and the background music is catchy. I can definitely imagine this song being played in a dance club filled with sweaty people bopping around.

As of yet, here’s no word when the full song will be released but I enjoyed listening to this little leak and I think you will as well. Enjoy!


photo credit:  Esquire



Lady GaGa - Then You Love Me (Preview) New Song:



© Amy Mattox -  May 2, 2010



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