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Madonna's diary on ebay???




                                                       Is That Madonna's Diary on eBay? Her Rep Says No


Are you a Madonna fan who happens to have a few million lying around collecting dust? Well, if you are looking to waste it, we know where you can go! An eBay seller is trying to unload a treasure trove of possessions, alleging they once belonged to Melissa Crowe, Her Madgesty's former assistant. Most notable among the items are 17 personal journals the seller says are Madonna's own -- and they can be yours for a cool $2.5 million.

But not so fast. While any good Madonna fan knows that the pop queen is a notorious journal-keeper, her publicist Liz Rosenberg tells PopEater exclusively, "These are not Madonna's diaries."
In the item description section, the seller describes how he acquired the journals. "Today at a moving company, I bought some boxes that were owned by Melissa Crowe. She was Madonna Ciccone's (singer known as 'Madonna') assistant from the years 1987-1996 ... 17 binders/book on everything Madonna and Melissa did! I have not looked through each page, but there is a little of everything in them."

The contents, or at least what can be seen of them on eBay, seem fairly mundane -- to do lists, phone numbers, random thoughts and scribbles -- more like the notes an assistant trying to keep up with a global pop star might take than the inner-most secrets of a chart-topping diva. But make no mistake, it is certainly conceivable that some fan, and Madonna's are known to be particularly fervent, would indeed part with $2.5 million for these particularly-personal pieces of memorabilia -- if they were the real deal. Last year, a nude photo of a 20-year-old Madge was auctioned by Christie's, and sold for $10,000.

But really, can you imagine Madonna writing anything in a Snoopy notebook?


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