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After the success of the Madonna episode, Jane Lynch is hoping for more Madonna. A new tribute episode each year, even.

You got called out by Madonna?
Jane Lynch: That was a big moment. Chris Colfer, who also got called out by Madonna, came over to me, shaking, with his phone and said “read this”, and we held each other tenderly. www.absolumentmadonna.fr

Ryan did confirm last weekend. He said “Hopefully there will be a second Madonna episode next year.”
Jane Lynch: That would be great! We just scratched the surface with her. We’ve not yet begun to pay homage to madonna.

I think maybe one Madonna episode each year.
Jane Lynch: Oh, absolutely. It will always be the best episode of the year. I’m sure!

10 seasons of Glee, 10 Madonna episodes.
Jane Lynch: I love it. Yes!


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