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Update on Melissa Crow's items on Ebay



Breaking NewsYesterday we ran a story about private items that belonged to Madonna's former assistant Melissa Crow being put up on Ebay by a seller who had purchased the boxes of personal photos, polaroids, video, diaries, autographed items from a moving company.

Today MadonnaTribe.com has been informed that Melissa is actually shocked to know some personal items that belonged to her are up for sale and she is indeed very upset by this situation and is trying to find a way to prevent the sale of these personal items.

What bothers Melissa the most is that some fans on the various forums where this story is being monitored and discussed (on our board as well) may have the impression she is indeed the one putting these items up for auction on Ebay and trying to cash on Madonna's fame. MadonnaTribe can deny this is the case. We have heard that Melissa Crow wants fans to clearly understand that she is NOT behind this Ebay auction and that she is doing anything to get the items back into her possesion. She is also kindly asking people not to bid on the items.



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