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Overzealous Monster Dragged of Gaga's Stage



Watch A Naughty Monster Get Dragged Off Lady Gaga’s Stage In Japan

Lady Gaga JapanLady Gaga tweeted that she’ll be appearing on American Idol on May 5 in some capacity, and rumors are swirling like a glitter tornado that she’ll perform her latest single “Alejandro.” But in the meantime, Gaga has been trekking across Japan on her Monster Ball tour. One fan at the Yokohama Arena got a little rambunctious Saturday night and decided to storm the stage. (We couldn’t quite tell if it was a boy or a girl from the sketchy camera phone footage—but they looked pretty fabulous, either way!) Watch Gaga’s dancers literally drag the over-eager monster off the stage during the performance of “Bad Romance” after the jump.

By Robbie Daw at 8:53 AM on Mon Apr 19 2010


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