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Madonna: New footage, same attitude




Advocate.com have published a clip that just looks like an outtake from the shooting of the Vogue video. Their sources say it is from an unreleased Nike commercial:

The clip finds the Madonna making fun of her late β€˜80s Pepsi scandal. In the video footage Madonna has her arms covering her bare chest, looks at the camera smiling, and says, 'I wear what I want and I do what I want. Ask Pepsi.'
With the last remark, the entertainer references the 1989 controversy, in which she was paid a then-record $5 million as part of an endorsement deal, that included the filming of a commercial for the soft drink. The deal was scrapped by Pepsi executives due to threats of protests from right-wing Christian groups, such as the American Family Association, due to perceived sacrilege in her 'Like A Prayer' video, now considered one of the creative high points of Madonna’s storied career. The singer was allowed to keep the $5 million and her commercial aired only once on network television.



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