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Madonna's A/C Ventilates Kabbalah H2O



More Madonna Weirdness: Kabbalah Water Everywhere

By TheImproper, April 18th, 2010

madonnaMadonna’s obsession with Kabbalah, has caused her to go to extremes to prove her devotion to the mystical Jewish religious sect. But according to the latest reports out of the UK, she’s even one-upped the Pope.

Although raised as a Catholic, she’s prayed at the Wailing Wall, a Jewish holy shrine in Jerusalem, and tried to foist the religion on ex-husband Guy Ritchie and on-again, off-again boyfriend Jesus Luz.

But the Material Girl is such a fervent believer, she reportedly paid almost $10,000 to have the radiators in her 10-bedroom London house filled with Kabbalah holy water so the heating system would radiate spirituality, according to London’s News of the World.

Madonna, 51, reportedly believes it gives the house a spiritual quality and will help heal and protect its residents. The Pope doesn’t even go to such lengths at the Vatican.

“It’s cost a fortune. She’d have Kabbalah water coming out of the kitchen taps if she could,” a source told the tabloid.

Word about holy water coursing through the house leaked (so to speak) when plumbers were called to her residence to fix a faulty radiator.

The housekeeper informed them that they couldn’t drain the radiator because of the water.

“The housekeeper was in a flap and told them it was blessed water and they could not drain it,” the source said.

“But they insisted they had to change a broken valve. It took almost an hour before she gave in and allowed them to put the water in steel buckets, pleading with them not to spill a drop.”

Holy Kabbalah water apparently was one of the reasons behind Madonna’s split from Ritchie.

She apparently blew up when he cancelled a near $20,000 order for Kabbalah holy water to fill the swimming pool at their Wiltshire house, the paper reported.

Madonna was also said to have caused an uproar when boy toy Jesus Luz’s parents found out that Madonna was trying to convert their Roman Catholic raised son to the mystical religion.

When Madonna travels, she never leaves home without Kabbalah holy water.

She paid more than $8,000 to stock her 2008 world tour with bottles of the stuff.

“Bottles cost £4 ($7) each and she’s never without one,” the source claimed. “She must be funding the Kabbalah centers alone with the amount she buys.”

Um… so what happens when she pees?


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