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Glee's Versions V. Madonna's?



First of all Madonna is always the best!! Nobody can out do the REAL THING baby!

Glee TV Show - Songs From Glee: The Power Of Madonna Hit The Net - What do They Sing? Get Them Here!

April 17, 2010 01:11 PM EDT

inter.jpgEveryone is talking about Glee and Madonna this week! There is a reason for that. There is so much hype over this week's Power of Madonna episode of Glee, and Madonna is even throwing her support behind it now. Just yesterday, I posted about what Madonna had to say and a new promo from the episode.

Can the Glee cast really do Madonna justice though? We all know that she is the queen when it comes to pop music. She has been around nearly thirty years now in the music business, ans she has somehow managed to stay on top of the game. As an artist, she is constantly changing and evolving.

I have always been a huge Madonna fan, and this week we will see the Glee cast cover many of her songs on the Season 1 Episode 15 of Glee. The songs they are covering include Express Yourself, Borderline/Open Your Heart, Like A Prayer, Vogue, Like A Virgin and 4 Minutes.

The Glee cast versions of seven Madonna songs hit the Internet last night, and you can find all seven here! What do you think? Do the Gleesters do Madonna justice?


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