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20 years of Blond Ambition!



CelebrationThe Madonna tour easily remembered as her most controversial, started in Japan on April 13 1990 during the rain season. While the Who's That Girl tour established Madonna as the leading female artist of the Eighties, the Blond Ambition made her enter stardom in the most complete way, with that mix of adoration and extreme criticism that only true Idols deserve.

Even hardcore Madonna fans show mixed feelings considering the Blond Ambition tour either a pinnacle in her live performance career, or a concentrate of excess and useless eroticims anticipating the Sex book experience that followed two years later.

The main reason for controversy came from the way religion and sexuality were mixed in the show that Madonna herself described as a theathrical presentation of her music.

MadonnaTribe is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Blond Ambition Tour with a special page full of info and tidbits that you can read by clicking HERE.

Our readers can also learn more from the "Blond Ambition/Truth or Dare" era and take a great walk down memory laby by reading our exclusive interviews with dancers SLAM,Luis Camacho and Carlton Wilborn.

MadonnaTribe, Home of Madonna Fans


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