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New episodes of 'Glee,' premiering Tuesday on Fox



New episodes of 'Glee,' premiering Tuesday on Fox

Fox took a small gamble when it put "Glee" on a four-month hiatus. The freshman show could have lost momentum _ even with all the media appearances, the concert tour and other craziness surrounding the show _ if viewers found a new program to love.

But based on three new episodes, which will start airing Tuesday, the delay was warranted. If you thought "Glee" was good before, get ready to be dazzled. Not since the heyday of "The Sopranos" has a series gone off the air for such a long time and returned with such energy and spectacle.

Tuesday's "Hell-o" works both for loyal fans and those new to "Glee." At the end of last season, the high school glee team won sectionals. That should have elevated their popularity status. But nothing has changed _ they're still outcasts.

"The Power of Madonna," airing April 20, shows how perfectly this series has been able to blend music and story. The multiple storylines revolve around Madonna tunes. The highlight is a remake of Madonna's "Vogue" video that allows Jane Lynch _ a lock to win an Emmy for her work as the snarky cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester _ to show off her unlimited talents.

The April 27 episode "Home" is as perfect as television can get. It flawlessly blends stories about family, fathers and self-esteem with the amazing musical performances by guest star Kristin Chenoweth and series regular Chris Colfer.

If Colfer hasn't already put himself in the running for an Emmy, this episode will ice it. He not only delivers a moving performance as his character Kurt tries to deal with the awkward relationship he has with his father, but he also belts out a show-stopping version of "A House Is Not a Home."

The young performers in this series are so good, it's easy to forget the talented adults, particularly Matthew Morrison as the glee team's coach Will Schuester. Combine his smooth vocals with Chenoweth's angelic voice _ spellbinding whether she's singing Springsteen or Bacharach _ and the results are extraordinary. Their performance of "One Less Bell to Answer" is musical magic.

"Glee" started strong and got better with each episode. These three newest episodes are the best yet.



9:28 p.m. EDT Tuesday


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