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Welcome to the

Madonna Lyrics Archive

"The most popular lyrics archive on the World Wide Web since 1994"

You now have available to you the lyrics for almost every song performed by Madonna. An alphabetical index of song titles has been provided, or you can use the following links to albums and/or songs. In addition, you can view the Top 100 words referenced in Madonna's lyrics. Please note that while Warner Brothers Records holds a copyright on the lyrics themselves, I claim a personal copyright on the HTML markup which presents these lyrics to you via the Web. You are asked to refrain from copying or distributing these pages in any manner. However, you are welcome to create a link to this page from any other page on the Web. Feel free to send questions, comments, or corrections to me via e-mail. My preferred e-mail address is:


madonnalyrics AT gmail.com


Madonna (1982) The queen of pop's first album, containing the hits Holiday, Everybody, Borderline, and Lucky Star.

Like A Virgin (1984) Madonna's followup to her debut, fully establishing her as a popular artist. Besides the title smash, Like A Virgin, she hit big with Material Girl, Angel, and Dress You Up.

Vision Quest (1985) This soundtrack features two songs from Madonna: the ballad, Crazy For You, and the more upbeat Gambler.

True Blue (1986) Madonna's third album, showing her variety with songs like Live To Tell, Papa Don't Preach, Open Your Heart, La Isla Bonita, and the title song, True Blue.

You Can Dance (1987) Top club DJs remix some of her hits, such as Everybody, Into The Groove, and Where's The Party. Plus, the previously unreleased song Spotlight appears here.

Who's That Girl (1987) Accompanying the motion picture of the same title, this soundtrack features four songs from Madonna: Who's That Girl, Causing A Commotion, The Look Of Love, and Can't Stop.

Like A Prayer (1989) This album shows Madonna's maturity and depth as she takes an introspective look at her own life with songs like the famous title track, Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish, Oh Father, and Keep It Together.

The Early Years (1989) A compilation of songs recorded before Madonna made it big. These songs all have a certain techno-pop feel to them, causing them to sound quite different from her original pop hits.

I'm Breathless (1990) Although not as popular as her other albums, this soundtrack from the movie "Dick Tracy" has a definite old-fashioned style to it with songs such as Hanky Panky, He's A Man, Something To Remember, and the dance smash, Vogue.

The Immaculate Collection (1990) This greatest hits album, remastered with the Q-sound technology, is a collection of her most popular songs, as well as two new releases: Justify My Love and Rescue Me.

Erotica (1992) Madonna explores sensuality, sexuality, lust, and love with tracks like the title hit Erotica, plus the hits Deeper And Deeper, Bad Girl, and the ballad, Rain.

Bedtime Stories (1994) With new producers and songwriters, Madonna releases more tracks with depth and integrity, including the hits Secret and Take A Bow, the title cut Bedtime Story, and other mesmerizing songs such as Sanctuary.

Something To Remember (1995) A collection of her ballads, including the smash singles This Used To Be My Playground and I'll Remember, plus three previously unreleased titles: You'll See, I Want You, and One More Chance.

Evita (1996) This motion picture soundtrack contains songs from the musical "Evita", featuring the moving ballads You Must Love Me, Don't Cry For Me Argentina, and Another Suitcase In Another Hall, plus the more upbeat tunes High Flying, Adored and Rainbow Tour.

Pre-Madonna (1996)

In The Beginning (1998) A collecton of songs recorded by Madonna between 1980 and 1981, before she made it big. These tracks include early versions of songs such as Everybody and Burning Up, plus the previously unreleased titles Laugh To Keep From Crying, Crimes Of Passion, and Don't You Know?.

Note: In The Beginning contains the same tracks as Pre-Madonna, except for the extended version of Ain't No Big Deal '97.

Ray Of Light (1998) This album, which was co-produced by William Orbit, contains tracks with an ambient, eerie feeling to them. You'll be mesmerized by songs such as the first release, Frozen, and the title track, Ray Of Light, plus the pseudo-ballad, The Power Of Good-Bye, and the catchy single, Sky Fits Heaven.


In addition, the lyrics for three unreleased demo songs, Gone, Gone, Gone, Like A Flower, and Revenge are available.

The Next Best Thing (2000) The original motion picture soundtrack featuring two Madonna tracks: American Pie, the remake of the Don McLean hit, and the ballad Time Stood Still.

Music (2000) Madonna teamed up with French songwriter/producer Mirwais to create an album that mixes electronica and country styles with tracks such as the title track, Music, Paradise (Not For Me), Gone, and I Deserve It.


In addition, the lyrics for the unreleased song Liquid Love are available.

GHV2 - Greatest Hits Volume 2 (2001) Her second greatest hits album, and third compilation (when taking into account Something To Remember).

American Life (2003) Madonna takes a closer look at war with the title track, American Life. This track also marked the first time that a Madonna track was available for download from the Warner Brothers website. The album also contains the James Bond theme, Die Another Day.

Remixed & Revisited (2003) Besides containing remixes of Nothing Fails, Love Profusion, Nobody Knows Me, and American Life, this album also contains the live performance that Madonna gave at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, as well as the collaboration with Missy Elliott known as Into The Hollywood Grove, and a previously unreleased song called Your Honesty.

Confessions On A Dance Floor (2005) On this guilty pleasure album, Madonna returns unapologetically to her dance music roots. The music is both nostalgic and forward-reaching, blending musical styles with one foot in early disco and the other pointed toward the future.

Hard Candy (2008) As Madonna's eleventh (and final) studio recording for Warner Bros., this album is a brilliant up-tempo collection that adds a hip-hop beat to her vast array of styles, thanks to collaborations with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, and Nate "Danja" Hills.

Celebration (2009) Madonna gives her fans another chance to 'celebrate' her musical achievements with the release of her fourth compilation album. Besides including many of her hit songs, this album contains the previously unreleased songs Revolver and Celebration.


Other singles Following are some other song lyrics which were not classified under their respective albums.





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