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Capricorn April 2010



Capricorn Horoscope for April 2010


By Susan Miller



As a Capricorn, your career and reputation are of paramount importance. Few signs are as willing as you are to put in the long hours of work necessary to see the outstanding results you expect of yourself. Lately the pressure has been on you, due to a rare, once in three-decade position of Saturn in your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame. Responsibilities have been mounting and you seem to be in a phase where the nature of your job is about to change, and you will be asked to learn new skills and to aim toward higher standards. You are a natural leader, and you're ready for these changes, but lately you seem to be a bit overwhelmed by all that has been going on.


Last month, at the full moon, March 28, you seem to have reached a career decision or watershed moment, and it revealed what you need to do from now on. You may have received a key promotion, for that moon fell high in your chart. Still, at the same time, due to a very hard angle to Pluto, you may have found yourself in what you feel is an unfair political (or other sticky) situation, and you had to figure out what to do about it. Being a practical soul, you did, and you are ready to move forward in a new direction.


Perhaps you are saying to yourself, "How could two such opposite results come from the same full moon?" That full moon's job was to reveal your current standing in your industry. If there are others who wanted to impede your progress, you knew it then and you were being given a chance to get out of that situation. At the very least you were able to see it for what it is, and make plans accordingly. The universe is on your side and wants only that you be in a place where you are appreciated and that can offer growth.


The good news is that this month, from April 7 to July 21, Saturn, your ruler, will leave Libra and your career sector, and in the coming 14 weeks you will have a chance to relax and reflect on recent events. Take a moment to see what you have achieved so far. You have hosted Saturn in your career sector since October 29, 2009, and that has required adjustment to new conditions. Now, with Saturn moving back into Virgo, an earth sign that blends beautifully with yours, you have time now to catch your breath. Saturn will be back to Libra at the end of July, but in the meantime you will have the luxury of time to strategize your next career move.


One gold-star day when you may get very positive feedback from a VIP about what an admirable job you've been doing is April 16, when Venus, the ruler of your house of career prestige, will send a missive to Jupiter, the planet of happiness and expansion. It's sure to be one of your favorite career days of the month.


If you have a birthday that falls between January 17 and 21, you will benefit from Saturn's very stabilizing vibrations during the coming four months that Saturn spends in Virgo in April through July. Because the very nature of your job seems to be evolving, you may be considering going back to the classroom to become more competitive in the job market. That would actually be a great idea, and although Saturn's position shows that the entry exam would be tough and the course of study you opt to take strenuous, what you learn would stay with you forever.


With recent eclipses in Capricorn, your life appears to be undergoing an uprooting, and sometimes it even feels as though you are making it new from top to bottom. In truth, you are, because it's time. This month, you will also be motivated to give your living situation a good look, and make sweeping changes there too, if you feel they are needed.


The new moon April 14 will bring you home and property options if you look for them. You may use this new moon for small or large changes; the choice will be yours. You can look for a new apartment to lease or buy, or you may decide to redesign your space. You may move to another city or just move to a nicer space around the block. Alternatively you may want to make small inexpensive changes with paint and accessories, or linens and photographs, and those changes too will add up.


With a beautifully oriented Neptune, you seem particularly creative now and adept at visualizing in advance all you hope to achieve. As they say, if you can see it, you can create it! It's a great time to landscape your yard too, now that Venus will be in flowers-and-shrub oriented Taurus.


The same part of your chart, so lit up this month, could bring you ideas of ways to assist one of your parents. If you have worried about a parent's health or welfare, or the well being of another family member, you can get much closer to the right solution now. You may decide to implement those plans by early June.


Indeed, June, July, August, plus the first week of September would be the perfect time to initiate any sort of home, property, or family action. Jupiter, the great giver of gifts and luck, will be at your side in the first visit since 1999, and the array of choices you find will thrill you.


It would be wise to wait to initiate any big plans until after the new moon May 13 because Mercury will retrograde from April 18 to May 11. As early as April 8, you will feel the slowdown of events, including cancellations, postponements, and the general air of indecision that this planet of communication can cause when out of phase. With so much home property luck due to come to you by June, you would be wise to wait to make your biggest home-related decisions later.


For now, do research, talk to others, read listings, get estimates - but don't make a final decision or sign papers until next month, after the new moon, May 13, at the earliest. If you sign in haste you may kick yourself later when you find something you like better days, weeks, or months later. Alas, by then it will be too late.


Buying anything expensive during Mercury retrograde will never deliver the pleasure you anticipate from your purchase. Electronic items are particularly prone to problems. Hold off on shopping this month - put your checkbook away and shred your credit card. There will be a reason you may regret this purchase. A recall of the product later on, a new model that is eventually introduced with more snappy features, or the announcement of a more attractive price slash - the list of reasons that may make you regret a purchase made this month is nearly endless.


Now let's turn to other things going on in your chart.


Certain legal issues may need to be solved this month, particularly near April 26 when Saturn, your ruler, will oppose Uranus. You seem ready to make a bold move that will stun everyone around you - perfect! You will have no qualms about upsetting the natural order of things by acting out of character. You are a cautious soul, and so while others may assume you are being impulsive, that's not likely the case at all. Your actions in late April will help you to make an important statement about your values and needs. This is a month that will demand bravery, but you will easily summon it when you need it.


As you see, this month will bring lots of things to investigate, so to get a little balance, you'll need time for fun. The full moon of April 28 will provide you that, for it will shine in Scorpio, filling your eleventh house of fun, friendship, and events. A full moon is operative for five days plus or minus the date it appears, so chances are, your big weekend will occur April 30 or May 1-2. You may be with a large number of happy people, so you may be going to a party, wedding, charity benefit, theme park, baseball game, trade show, or other event that draws large numbers of people together, all of them in a happy mood.


It's also possible you'll have your social experience online, through social media. There are any number of ways this may occur and I bet you can think of some! Pluto in Capricorn will be very friendly to this full moon, so your name may be in lights, with many people aware of you, your words, or actions! With Mercury retrograde, though, realize what you post in haste you may regret later, so be careful before you push that submit key!


Mars won't be as friendly to this full moon, so the hefty costs of socializing over the last weekend of April could concern you. There's no need to break the bank, dear Capricorn. With Mars in your eighth house of credit for months forcing up spending, and with two more months to go before this trend abates, you will want to remain financially conservative. You can still participate in the important social event that will dot your calendar at April's end, but you'll want to keep your eye on costs all the while.


If your birthday falls on December 30, plus or minus five days, you will benefit most from this lively, vibrant full moon.


Romantically, with Mercury retrograde in Taurus this month in your fifth house of true love from April 18 to May 18 (but felt much earlier than April 18), you may decide to try to reconciliation with a past partner, or you may run into an old love at a party, through Facebook or even on the street. If you still care for your partner, it's a good time to find out if your former partner still has feelings for you, too. If you are still in love with your partner, make that call.


Venus will be your fairy godmother this month, for Venus will glide through your fifth house of true love too this month, from April 1 to 24. That's the best place to have Venus if you want to enjoy love! Your very best day will be April 17, when Venus and Jupiter will be so beautifully combined. Communication really sparkles this day - share your views of the future together! Fortunately, April 17 falls on a Saturday, and Sunday should be happy, too.


You might decide to take a romantic weekend away with the person you love, and if so, go April 17-18 or April 24-25, but in both weekend dates, be sure to leave earlier, on Friday night. If you don't have someone to love, if you go to a resort or place where you can meet people, you may have a very electric meeting.


Your most romantic dates: April 1, 9-11, 15-17, 19-20, 23-25, and 28.





Recently, at the very end of March, you saw exciting - if not daunting - career opportunities emerge. Or, you may have received news that allowed you to see where you stood in your industry or company.


As you enter April, you will still be musing about the career developments that came up and how to best respond to those shifts. It appears you are about to take on more responsibility, and possibly accept a big promotion. Still, politics seem to have swirled around you, and if you weren't able to surmount them, not to worry - your stock is heading skyward and almost no one will be able to stop your ascent.


No matter what you face in your career, you are ready to tackle something new, for your chart shows it's time. Don't second-guess yourself - follow your heart and you won't go wrong. A strong day for a presentation is April 16 when Venus and Jupiter will combine forces to help you shine in whatever role you find yourself in at the time.


By mid-April, your attention will switch to a home or real estate question. If you need to move, you will be able to find the right space, but your window of opportunity is small. Look at spaces form April 14 to 30. On the other hand, if you simply want to reorganize your space, make repairs, or design beautiful built-ins, you can do that, too.


If you have had problems with water, that problem can now be solved, as the new moon April 14 will be very helpful to watery Neptune. Hold off buying furniture, as Mercury will be retrograde this month - you'd do better in the second half of May. If you need money to make changes, you will find the funds you need. Admittedly, you've been burning through more cash than any time in recent memory, but by early June, your high level spending will calm down.


By month's end you will have a gorgeous social event to look forward to participating in, coming within four days of the full moon, April 28 plus or minus five days. This event will likely occur by the weekend. Because Pluto will be so prominent, there appears to be something very important about this event, and it could bring you long-range benefits or happiness. This event seems to rejuvenate you, too. This event could be a birthday party, wedding or anniversary, club event, or fundraiser, as a several examples. Many smiling faces will surround you, but one face in particular will captivate you and help to make the date special.


Romantically, with Venus moving through your true love house from April 1 to 24, you'll be in a particularly strong position to meet a new romantic partner if you have been looking, and to enjoy the love you have if attached. This lovely romantic influence will play like background music almost all month - and will become even stronger in May - a lovely counterpoint to all the decisions you are making affecting your lifestyle and career.



Dates to Note:


Exciting career opportunities may have emerged. You may be ready to accept quite a responsible job. Now with the move of Saturn back to Virgo, you will see a reduction of professional pressure, from April 7 to July 21.


A home decoration, renovation, or purchase / lease will come to your attention after the new moon April 14. If you have no plans for your home, you can make small changes. Use the glowing aspects on tap in April's second half in some way - any way!


Don't buy furniture or electronic items, however - Mercury will be retrograde on April 18 to May 11, but you will feel the slowdowns that Mercury will bring sooner, as early as April 4. Shop for things in late May instead and you'll enjoy your items more.


If you have a legal issue pending, you may solve it near April 26. Come up with a bold, unexpected offer that no one thought of - or even expected!


Save the date! April 28 (plus or minus four days) - the invitation you get for this evening will be special!


Romantically, with Venus in fellow earth sign Taurus from April 1 to 24, you have a sensational outlook for having fun. One of your best days will be April 17 and April 23-24, thanks to Venus' friendly conversations on your behalf with (respectively), Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn.


Best romantic dates: April 1, 9-11, 15-17, 19-20, 23, 24, and 28.


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