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Madonna is packing



Raising MalawiConfirmation and more details about Madonna's upcoming visit to Malawi are included in this mail sent out by Raising Malawi's Philippe van den Bossche today: 

Dear all,
It was once just a dream. 
But this week, Madonna and I will leave for Malawi to see our dream become a reality. Tuesday, April 6, we will lay the first bricks for the Raising Malawi Academy for Girls

We want you to be there with us. Madonna has been so moved by the stories of inspiring women that people like you shared with us, that she would like to share one person's words at the brick-laying ceremony. 

Would you like for Madonna to share your story? Share your hopes and intentions now: 


This academy will be so much more than just a school. In a country where one million children have been orphaned due to AIDS, our academy will educate, protect, and empower young girls who, quite frankly, carry the weight of their nation. 

It will be a family and support center for many orphaned girls left to raise other children. It will be a source of protection and access to medical care and regular meals. And it will be a place of spiritual empowerment, giving girls the tools to create the reality they deserve.
But we can't forget: it will also be an outstanding school. Our academy will hold girls to the highest standards. Girls who have never before had someone believe in their potential will, for the first time, step foot inside a library and hold a textbook of their very own. 

The potential we are about to unleash is incredible. Share your dreams for these girls now: 


Madonna and I are looking forward to seeing Anjimile Oponyo, the Director of Raising Malawi Academy for Girls, who will be there to lay the first brick along with Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson and Jeffrey Sachs, President and Co-Founder of Millennium Promise. It is so exciting to be taking the support of so many from around the world with us. 

Thank you for your commitment to Malawi and to this academy. 

With great excitement, 


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