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Hollywood Debut for Madonna's Daughter



 Hollywood Debut for Madonna's Daughter
Madonna is planning to give her daughter Lourdes a break in Hollywood by giving her a role in her new film, say sources.

The Material Girl's new film is based on Edward VIII and it will go on the floor in the summers in London. The Sun quoted a source as saying, "She has arranged a small role for Lourdes." "It's not a significant part but it will give her a good taste of life in the movie business.

"Lourdes has made it clear she wants some kind of career in the entertainment industry and her mum is more than happy to help. "She's already an incredible dancer, thanks to years of classes and she's also been having singing training."

Madonna, who's dating 22-year-old model Jesus Luz, had earlier refused Lourdes a.k.a. Lola to star in a Harry Potter film when she was offered a role in 2007.


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