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Lady Gaga's Caution Tape Now Fashion



 Lady Gaga's Caution Tape Get-Up Designer to Collab with Forever21


Lady Gaga's Caution Tape Get-Up Designer to Collab with Forever21
Nicola Formichetti

Brian Lichtenberg, the mastermind behind Lady Gaga's yellow crime scene tape ensemble in the "Telephone" video has been confirmed for a t-shirt capsule collection with Forever21.

It was about time before F21 entered into a playful designer collaboration, and that Lady Gaga's costume sensibility was peddled out to the rest of the world.  Granted, we're guessing the graphic tees will be majorly toned down from, say, tape wrapped around only the crucial parts of the body, it should be interesting what the certanly edgy designer comes up with. We can only hope this is the first of many Gaga-for-the-masses fashion ventures in the future.


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