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The lady's got potentia



Live from the US"I really don't like to compare the artists that I work with, because they are all so unique and so different. One thing for sure is that Gaga is a true artist. She's really a huge talent, and she's such a hard worker. That makes me think of Madonna, because Madonna is always such a hard worker, more than anybody else." 

Madonna is "always very creative, she always goes back to creativity. She has so much politics around and all these stupid rumors and gossip and all that, and some artists manage to stay above that. So in that sense, I'm fine with comparing , but then again, they're so different." 

Director Jonas Åkerlund, talking to MTV News about the Gaga/Madonna similarities. 

"I also have 12 years with Madonna and I have two videos with Gaga; it's the future to tell, but I think that Gaga has all the potential and all the tools and all the brain to take her creativity as far she wants to," he said. "But she's great. 

"Madonna was early to be one of those artists who thought more about the concept then just focusing on the one thing," he continued. "And Gaga - that comes naturally for her. She sees her character and her career, and I'm happy to be part of it ... but it's not me; it's her. Everything comes from her." 

From VH1.com.


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