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Fans Gaga over shtick that rivals Madonna



Rivals, Madonna is always the Queen. Gaga is a Lady In Waiting.....Gaga....

Fans Gaga over shtick that rivals Madonna

''Bluffin with my muffin'' … Lady Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta.

''Bluffin with my muffin'' … Lady Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta.

Bernard Zuel
March 17, 2010


OUTRAGE, transgression and a surprising number of leotards. Blonde ambition from an Italian-American girl who can dance and sing. Denunciation from pulpits and the resultant cool credits in schoolyards. Who is she?

If you answered Madonna you're too old.

Or you haven't been paying attention to your teenager's listening and viewing habits. Yes, it's true: the description fits Madonna Ciccone to a T, but it's also the modus operandi of her spiritual descendant, the artist known to her mother as Stefani Germanotta but to about 8 million album buyers around the world as Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga, who tonight plays the first of three all-but-sold-out concerts in Sydney, is just about the hottest pop act in the world.

As well as those 8 million albums and 13 concerts across Australia she has sold more than 35 million singles and downloads.

And she didn't get there by being demure. Or particularly original. If your internet filter isn't set too high you can watch her most popular video on the net, Lady Gaga's sex-and-sadism clip for the song Telephone. It features not only the reigning queen of R&B, Beyonce, but more scenes of male fantasy jailbird lesbian shtick than you'd find anywhere outside a Russ Meyer film.

Gaga claims on her website that when she was a girl she would sing along on her mini plastic tape recorder to Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper. But even a cursory listen to her album The Fame or its half follow-up, The Fame Monster, would tell you that Germanotta, who was born in 1986 (the year Madonna released her third album, True Blue) has been a Madonna acolyte. Or as she says in the debut's title track: ''I can't help myself/I'm addicted to a life of material.''

There are the same compulsive dance beats and '80s synthesiser sounds; a similar blend of pop with whatever is the musical trend of the day; processed vocals semi-disguising a decent but not outstanding voice; the exhortations to get on the dance floor (Just Dance) or laugh all the wall to the bank (Beautiful, Dirty, Rich and Money Honey); and the provocations (I Like it Rough or Poker Face, whose lines like ''I'm bluffin with my muffin'' are not really talking about cards or small cakes).

She's huge and everywhere.

Next, adopting an African orphan?



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