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Placing descriptive words removes the essence (the be ing) of a person (or thing) so I usually refrain from describing someone or something. In the case of Dens54, I’m writing this to share my thoughts from years of being friends with Dens.

He’s naturally talented in music, photography, graphic design, writing, he’s an all around artist. Dens is a Piscean guy (Feb 28th) who’s true calling, in my opinion, is music. His remixes are as moody as a movie soundtrack and, come to think of it, the moodiest music in Madonna Radio (if there is such a thing, Madonna is moody, herself.) He began way over a decade ago remixing music and his love of Madonna makes up the majority of his work. He’s French and we all know how the French are with romance, his remixes reflect this moody vibrant romance that i’ve not heard before (and believe me when I say that I listen for these moods, in particular.) Some of his work is haunted (Secret & I Want You). Some of his work easily fits into an amusement park (Don’t Tell Me). Some of his work is perfect and he won’t release it. I’ve heard many demos that don’t see the light of day, i won’t understand a mind like his. I’m happy to listen and publish what he likes to share. His work stands apart from the rest of the crowd. I enjoy his enthusiasm, wisdom, eccentricities and love of [music] sounds.

Secret [Dens54 Deep Remix] by madonnaradio

Our story began with me contacting him and asking to play his music in Madonna Radio, we exchanged emails then text messages, video and a musical friendship began. Some of the best times in my adult life have been with Dens, when he sends his demos for me to listen and point out instruments. I point out the parts I like and he reworks the songs, ultimately polishing and releasing weeks to months later. I believe his version of “Don’t Tell Me” was orchestrated by my ear, he is fond of my ears (often saying: “David, I need your ear” :)  ), I’m able to distinguish each layer from the rest of the song layers / sounds and focus on what works. It’s not like he’s asking my advice, per say, he’s bouncing new sounds for feedback, he trusts that i keep his sounds locked away, publishing only what he says (and I often ask more than once prior to sending through social platforms). He’s been doing this long before Madonna Radio and long before I knew him. When I ask fans which song is their favorite, people who are well versed with Dens54’s music respond with “Human Nature” (of course). Many like his version of “Fever”. His first major breakthrough remix was of “Fever”.

Madonna – You’ll See (Dens54 & Rose B Acoustic Version) by madonnaradio

I have a fetish for Madonna Megamixes. The first song I heard from Dens54 was his “Impressive Instant” Megamix and his Millennia 2000 Megamix.

No matter what I write, I won’t be able to capture the joy I have while knowing him. I’ll never be able to capture the description of his work. I can only say this; When Madonna asks for “The List”, Dens54 is #1 on that list. Remix artists within Madonna Radio (not all, some) ask for his advice.

He keeps a stellar circle of friends. Cleo, Pander, Idaho, Aaron Darc and I believe he and Berkab know each other. He’s also great friends with Zack of AbMad (whom I adore, he made a set for Zack, the “Like a Virgin” set, some of my favorites.)

Human Nature (Dens54 Live From Piennes Remix) by madonnaradio

The Pisces guy who gives Madonna Radio that extra charisma.

When you listen to his music, you’ll notice he has a signature sound. Not all Madonna Radio artist have this quality (which is great). Dens has a “Darko” sound with intros and outtros that have drama, it’s an “IT” factor. The meat of his product is rarely mainstream, mainstream when commissioned.

I Want You (Dens54 JB Remix) by madonnaradio

If I had to pick songs (which he’s asked me many times to do), I’d say his best work is “Secret”, “Take a Bow”, “Give It 2 Me”, “I Want You JB Remix”, “Human Nature”, “Like a Virgin”… The list goes on and on, I still can’t pick one… his work is something that i hold dear to my heart, i’m certain many, many people feel the same way, he’s pure talent and VERY grounded. I respect him a great deal. He earned that respect. I gave him respect before I got to know him.

Give it 2 me (Dens54 Achillirium Remix) by madonnaradio

5 remixes in this post. I’d post all of his music in this post but you can hear them at http://madonnaradio.com/dens and by visiting his site http://dens54.com

Download Zip Packs:





Thank you for being my friend and Happy Birthday Dens.


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