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More info on the Special Bonus footage on the Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD and Blu-Ray



Main menu shows Madonna going to the stage and sitting on throne.

Song list menu is very simple, shows the microphone, the dancers rehearsing into the groove to some weird remix, she's not me in fast forward with some rehearsal takes of several songs, and on the last song menu, Madonna inside the round screen before Like a Prayer.

Behind the scenes is presented by Semtex films. "Everybody here is capable of magic". Reminds a lot I'm Going To Tell You a Secret.

First city shown in São Paulo \o/

Madonna talks a lot about going on tour, then cuts to shots of Paris, Italy and Athens. Madonna leaving the Paris hotel. Paris rehearsals. Voices is played in the background.

Madonna singing cook & **CENSORED**!!!!

Dancer Emilie does graces before the concert.

Madonna after first concert "Oh my god, it was incredible!"

Madonna doing dancer auditions, being bitchy.

Jason talks about being in Italy. Fans going inside the stadium.

On the way to the stadium in Italy madonna says she's gonna prove she's an adrenaline junkie and shows her car in fast forward.

Monte talking the first show in America. She's not Me acoustic. SNM Rehearsal.

Madonna singing I Kissed a Girl acapella.

Madonna goofing around with the dancers.

Pharrell backstage showing his socks. NYC rehearsals with Pharrell.

Ric'ey talking about his favourite night, San Diego, when Obama won the election. Madonna says she's gonna be crying and smiling. She cries while talking about celebrating his winning. Several shots of her talking to the crowd about being very happy.

Los Angeles. Justin rehearsals. She shows her 4 minutes costume to Justin. They're deciding his wardrobe.

Madonna leaving the stage as previously seen on youtube.

Madonna talking about the Into The Groove routine.

Tony talks about how Madonna is during rehearsals.

Madonna talks about singing new songs.

"I have to re-invent it to make it exciting for myself"

Jamie King talks about the concert.

She says she doesn't like conventional choreographies.

Madonna is lying in the ground laughing and someone jokes about picking her up off the floor.

Miami rehearsals. Timbaland is onstage.

Jason works out (WOWZA)

Madonna prays and thanks Pharrell and Timbo for being there with her that night. Madonna calls the show. "Start the show, motherfuckers".

Show footage, Timbo onstage doing 4 minutes intro and outro.

SOUTH AMERICA!!! Mexico backstage. Santiago Soundcheck.

Don't Cry For Me Argentina rehearsal in Buenos Aires. She's suck a clown miming the fans during the end of the song lmao!

RIO DE JANEIRO! "My first show in Brazil in 15 years". Mad fans following her car. She's afraid because of the rain. Shows B&W footage of the concert, people drying the stage, dancers holding umbrellas over her head.

SÃO PAULO! Final soundcheck, everyone of the crew jumps rope. Tony talks about the last show.

Everyone poses for a photo of the whole crew.

Final prayer, all dancers thank Madonna and talk about the experience they had.

"You've seen me at my best, you've seen me at my worst and you still love me". Lola is next to her during the prayer. Madonna thanks the dancers and says "I hope it doesn't rain".

Madonna talks about ending a tour. She talks about how Brazilian audience was wild and passionate.

Final party with Paul Oakenfold.

Roll credits, Madonna dances!


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