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Madonna and Vera Farmiga's royal engagemen



Live from the USVera Farmiga may very soon go from rolling around with George Clooney in Up in the Air to being told what to do by Madonna

vera_farmiga_200.jpgFarmiga says she's hoping to star in a period romance that the Queen of Pop is not only producing and cowriting but also directing. 
The movie is about the real-life drama surrounding England's King Edward VIII's decision in 1936 to abdicate the throne so he could marry twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson. Farmiga would play Simpson. No male stars are attached yet, but Abbie Cornish has reportedly signed on for a role. 

"She approached me," Farmiga said of Madonna. "We sat for a cup of tea and again for a cup of tea. Hopefully, it will all come together." 

Farmiga is putting a lot of faith in Ms. Ciccone - she hasn't seen anything she's directed. "I'm actually not familiar with her work, and I told her this flat-out," Farmiga admitted. "She sent a couple of films and I still haven't seen them." 

But no matter. "I don't really go by that," Farmiga said. "I go by other things. I go by scripts. I go with what I think I can do with a character and if I feel a kinetic energy with someone and I feel we can uplift and challenge each other." 

And don't bother telling Farmiga if Madonna's only feature film directing work, the 2008 flick Filth and Wisdom, didn't exactly win audiences or critics over. Farmiga said, "I certainly have things I wouldn't want people to see." 


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