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Lady Gaga Goes 3D, and a New DVD



I loved hearing this!\


Lady Gaga Plans 3-D Concert & DVD

Nick Nicoludis :: Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 1:00 pm

Lady_Gaga_shows_5c36Lady Gaga is often as enigmatic as she is beautiful, and finally some of her mysterious press releases and clues are coming together. She is currently in the thick of her massive Monster tour, but that’s not stopping her from making some pretty huge announcements. First she announced her new video for her hit “Telephone” will premiere Thursday (March 11th) at 11:30 p.m ET on E!, and now she said she is planning a 3-D concert (whatever that really means) and a subsequent DVD. Clues about the bizarre concept concert and DVD have been floating around the Internet for a little while and now they are all starting to make sense.

First, she included a pair 3-d glasses in copies of the deluxe edition of her album Monster Fame when it was released and coupled it with a cryptic message which said they would come in handy for “for things happening soon.” Lady Gaga’s label Interscope Records announced that a 3-D concert is in the works but no tangible plans on how she’s going to pull it off are available. Initially the next move for Gaga was to release a 3-D DVD of her tour titled “Monster Ball” and the Gaga fan sites were set a blaze last week with inquires about the project. Now, it seems a 3-D concert is planned and the DVD will come out soon after–probably in 3-D as well.

She has always been a sort of innovator. I mean, she wears those crazy dresses that are a mix of Bjork’s 2001 Oscar goose dress and some scantly glad teen in a Las Vegas dive strip club. But zany dresses aren’t enough anymore I suppose, because people only care about celebrities as long as they have some crazy thing going on with them. Well, Gaga isn’t going to disappoint her adoring public. Now we all have to figure out how the hell someone does a 3-D concert (isn’t it already 3-D if she’s up there on the stage?) and what the hell a 3-D concert even means. Maybe it’ll be a collaboration with James Cameron and will come out in another 5 years.


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