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Diddy and Madonna Shouting Match Turns To Battle



Diddy and Madonna Shouting Match Turns To Battle

Diddy was kicking it with Madonna when the two super stars got into a shouting match, that turned to a full fledge battle. Dance battle that is. The two music icons got into a friendly shouting match over who had a bigger impact on the music world.

According to OK Magazine: Madonna and Diddy were taking jabs at each other “in a funny way,” an insider said “but still yelling.”

And to cap the whole thing off with some fun? “Madonna and her dancers all had a dance-off in the middle of the party!”

Who had a bigger impact on music huh? I look at Britney Spears, Kesha, Lady Gaga and I see little Madonna's and ever where I turn in Hip Hop I see wannabe P. Diddy's. It's no question Diddy and Madonna changed the game, but I think the better question is who is the better dancer. 



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