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Fans Outraged at Lady Gaga's Ticket Price Hike




March 8, 2010 10:42 a.m. EST

SJ Thomson - Celebrity News Service Reporter

London, United Kingdom (CNS) - Lady Gaga has added three more dates on to the U.K. leg of her Monster Ball tour, but some of the tickets have almost doubled in price. When the tour kicked off last month in Manchester, the tickets ranged from £27.50 ($41) to £35 ($53) and now for the additional dates they cost between £50 ($76)and £75 ($114).

The U.S. pop star's lavish tour has been travelling around the U.K. since last month with a different stage step up to her U.S. one, a choice that is being reported to have cost Gaga almost $2 million. On the "Just Dance" singer's website some fans have expressed concerns over the new prices, asking whether the show set up will be new for the fans paying more money or will it remain the same as the cheaper earlier shows.

The dates, which have been organized by a different promoter, will see Gaga playing London, Birmingham and Manchester over May and June in the same venues she has already played. Chairman of global touring at Live Nation, Arthur Fogel, said, "What was a small arena/theatre production is now a massive, first rate arena production. Ticket prices for the previous dates were set long before the current Monster Ball show was developed. Ticket prices are comparable and fair."

The Live Nation website said the tour had been extended due to "overwhelming response." Tickets go on sale on March 12


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