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Madonna vs. Vodka



Not a pretty picture, I'm sure it was over dramatized....but by whom?

Madonna’s Vodka Temper Tantrum at Elton John’s After Party

Madonna Mask

Madonna reportedly had a little bit of a hissy fit during Sir Elton John’s intimate pre-Oscars party when the bartender couldn’t provide her with her favorite vodka. She asked organizers to provide her with her favorite Belvedere vodka, instead of the Grey Goose, who was sponsoring the party - which is what caused Madge to flip her shiz!

Per Mirror:

“It was left to one rather nervous waiter to tell her only Grey Goose was available and when he did all hell broke loose. Madonna was dropping F-bombs like they were going out of fashion. Fortunately Guy [Oseary] was able to calm her down. But she sulked about the vodka and ordered a non-alcoholic virgin mojito instead. She was clearly up for a drink, but wasn’t prepared to compromise on her vodka choice.”

Wow, thats weird! Only Grey Goose at a party sponsored by Grey Goose? Who would have thought? Seems like she’s getting a little finicky in her old age! That incident apparently seemed to set the mood for the rest of the Material Girls’ night - resulting in her rudely snubbing Jane Fonda.

“Jane spotted Madonna and yelled, ‘Hey Madonna! It’s me… Jane’. But Madonna didn’t even turn to look at her and just said, ‘Hey Jane’ as she marched past.”

Apparently Madonna has no social skills unless she is drunk or talking about herself.


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