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Madonna Goes To Party Alone



Madonna heads to party alone after row with toyboy lover Jesus Luz

By 3am's Danielle Lawler and Clemmie Moodie 6/03/2010

Madonna (Pic:Getty)

Madonna has had an almighty row with her toyboy lover, model Jesus Luz.

She went off alone to John's Soho House bash on Thursday, leaving baby Jesus to pack for a couple of DJ gigs in Portugal.

At the exclusive bash, Madge, was overheard grumbling about their turbulent relationship.

A well-placed source tells us: "Everyone kept asking Madonna where Jesus was.

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"In the end she confided they'd had a huge row the previous day.

"He is due to be in Portugal for some DJ gigs, so she went to the Soho House party on her own and left him to pack his stuff and cool off.

"She seemed to want to really let her hair down. She was drinking vintage Dom Perignon champagne, but switching it with mineral water.

"Then when the DJ played a string of her hits, she hit the floor. It was only when Elton did the rounds and asked how she was she stopped dancing."

She left soon after. Hope she got back for Jesus' bedtime story.


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