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Latest on the Sticky and Sweet CD-DVD and Blue Ray



Sticky & Sweet TourAccording to the most updated information from Warner Music Group, The Sticky & Sweet Tour that will be released at the end of March worldwide and on April 6 in the US, will come out with an accompanying audio CD only on its DVD edition, while the Blue Ray release will be a single disc with only the concert footage and the bonus clips. 

The updated release details for the U.S. market are in fact as follows: 
arrow.pngThe Sticky & Sweet Tour (CD/DVD)
WB/Warner Bros. CX 521138
Suggested retail price: $21.98
arrow.pngThe Sticky & Sweet Tour (Blu-Ray)
WB/Warner Bros. BD 521139
Suggested retail price: $24.99

The tracklisting for the CD/DVD bundle that appeared on the catalogs of several online retailers over the past few days is indeed correct: 
arrow.pngCD/DVD 1
arrow.jpg01 Candy Shop Medley 
arrow.jpg02 Beat Goes On Medley 
arrow.jpg03 Human Nature 
arrow.jpg04 Vogue 2008 
arrow.jpg05 She's Not Me 
arrow.jpg06 Music 2008 
arrow.jpg07 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You 
arrow.jpg08 Spanish Lesson 
arrow.jpg09 La Isla Bonita 2008 
arrow.jpg10 You Must Love Me 
arrow.jpg11 Get Stupid Medley 
arrow.jpg12 Like A Prayer 2008 
arrow.jpg13 Give It 2 Me

arrow.pngCD/DVD 2 
arrow.jpg01 Intro: The Sweet Machine 
arrow.jpg02 Candy Shop Medley 
arrow.jpg03 Beat Goes On Medley 
arrow.jpg04 Human Nature 
arrow.jpg05 Vogue 2008 
arrow.jpg06 Die Another Day 2008 
arrow.jpg07 Into The Groove 2008 
arrow.jpg08 Heartbeat 
arrow.jpg09 Borderline 
arrow.jpg10 She's Not Me 
arrow.jpg11 Music 2008 
arrow.jpg12 Rain/Here Comes The Rain Again 
arrow.jpg13 Devil Wouldn't Recognize You 
arrow.jpg14 Spanish Lesson 
arrow.jpg15 Miles Away 
arrow.jpg16 La Isla Bonita Medley 
arrow.jpg17 Me Darava/Doli Doli 
arrow.jpg18 You Must Love Me 
arrow.jpg19 Don't Cry For Me Argentina 
arrow.jpg20 Get Stupid Medley 
arrow.jpg21 4 Minutes 
arrow.jpg22 Like A Prayer 2008 
arrow.jpg23 Ray Of Light 
arrow.jpg24 Like A Virgin 2008 
arrow.jpg25 Hung Up Medley 
arrow.jpg26 Give It 2 Me 
arrow.jpg27 Credits 
arrow.jpg28 Behind-The Scenes 1 
arrow.jpg29 Behind-The Scenes 2 
arrow.jpg30 Behind-The Scenes 3 
arrow.jpg31 Behind-The Scenes 4 
arrow.jpg32 Behind-The Scenes 5 
arrow.jpg33 Behind-The Scenes 6 
arrow.jpg34 Behind-The Scenes 7 
arrow.jpg35 Behind-The Scenes 8 

The video tracklist for the Blu-Ray Disc 1 is identical to the above one, but at the present time the Blue Ray edition on the Warner catalogue does not include the audio CD. 

As for promotion and upcoming tv related broadcasts, Warner mentions the April 2nd broadcast of the VH1 premiere of Madonna - Sticky & Sweet Tour and also talks about the upcoming episode of the television hit Glee, which will air on April 20.


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