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Madonna Gets Jesus Luz a Record Deal



Madonna Gets Jesus Luz a Record Deal

By Elena Gorgan, Life & Style Editor

February 26th, 2010, 14:26 GMT


Luz gets deal with Warners, report says

Jesus Luz will go into music, has full support from Madonna, report argues

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Though just a few weeks back, they were reportedly broken up and moving on in different directions, Madonna and her Brazilian model boyfriend, Jesus Luz, are closer than ever. In fact, they’re so close that her Madgesty, as she’s dubbed in the media, even made some serious compromise to get Luz his own record deal to launch a music career, The Sun reports.


Ever since he moved to LA, Luz has been telling people that he wants a music career though, until just now, it was believed that would be with him trying his skills as a DJ and not as a singer. Either Luz has had a change or heart or he’s kept this under wraps is of little importance, since he just got a deal with Warners, thanks to his girlfriend Madonna. Some of you might know it was also Madonna who got Luz modeling gigs when they moved in together, as per reports.


“Madonna was determined to give Jesus all the help she can. She holds a lot of sway at Warners, where she had a deal until very recently. But getting him on the books wasn’t completely plain-sailing. There was a little give and take between her and execs, but a compromise was eventually settled upon,” an unnamed source says for the tab. The compromise in question meant Madonna’s approval for a bunch of her classics to be used in a new ad campaign to launch in the US, a thing she rarely agrees to.


Still, not only does she want Jesus to succeed, but she’s also convinced that he has what it takes to make a name for himself in the music industry, the spy goes on to say. That’s why she fought tooth and nail to land him a deal, which, for the time being, is only for two singles. Apparently, Madonna also lends her voice on one of them, but chances of it being released as a single are pretty slim at this point, The Sun explains.


“Madonna really wants Jesus’ career to take off. She’s been going through her Filofax and putting him in contact with as many of her influential pals as she can. She’s worked with Victor [Calderone] for a very long time and he understands just what she likes. Having him rejig Jesus tracks will give them a cool cachet which is essential to building a clubland buzz,” another source reveals for the same tabloid. As of now, no detail of said record deal have been made official. 


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