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Material Boy



It’s Art! Luizo Vega, “Son” of Madonna, Naked and Sacred

Fri, Feb 12, 2010 by AKA William

Okay, so, remember that crazy guy, “Material Boy,” from last month who claimed he was Madonna’s long-lost gay son? Well, it turns out he’s a performance artist, Luizo Vega.

And when he’s not busy freaking out Madonna, Vega is working on a series called “Sacre” where he takes off his clothes in front of religious places like the Vatican and then takes photos of himself. Which means he is nekkified. And the nekkification is art!

Vega says:

It has been an incredibly moving experience. Due to the high level of security of the Vatican it was really difficult to carry out with the performance. The idea of having been able to achieve it fulfills me and I think it is a real contribution to freedom of expression. In the twenty-first century the human body can no longer be considered something forbidden. I propose a return to our true nature.

Vega plans on taking his show on the road with stops in Israel, Egypt, India. Mexico and Brazil.


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