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Gaga Is So Madonna!



Lady Gaga Has a Good Romance With Jeremy Scott Designer Condoms

by Beth Cooney Fitzpatrick (Subscribe to Beth Cooney Fitzpatrick's posts), Posted Feb 18th 2010 at 10:00AM
jeremy scott proper attire condoms

Jeremy Scott's line of latex. Photos: ProperAttireCondoms.com

We are trying to keep a poker face as we write this, but it's, um, a little hard.

Lady Gaga, who
recently donated one of her Monster Ball tour costumes to eradicate world hunger and has made herself busy with charitable causes for Haiti, now says she's hot for designer Jeremy Scott's special edition line of Proper Attire brand condoms.

The over-the-top performer took time from
making headlines in London to issue a statement of support: "It's not complicated, just a fashion statement, everybody wrap it up with Jeremy Scott for Proper Attire condoms," she said.

Having dressed
Gaga, as well as Rihanna and Madonna , Scott has made quite a name for himself and gained recognition for his vibrant prints, street style and fantastical fashions.

With this benefit project the community-minded Scott brings fashion into the bedroom while supporting
Planned Parenthood.

"As a fashion designer, so much we make is seen as frivolous, and being asked to design prints for Proper Attire packaging to help promote safer sex practices reminds me of how fashion can still make a statement," Scott said.

The designer condoms, which just debuted at Scott's Fall 2010 New York Fashion Week show (the packaging looks straight off his Spring 2010 London "Flintstones"-inspired runway), will be available exclusively at Opening Ceremony and through Proper Attire's Website.


See which other designer has collaborated with Proper Attire on condoms.


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