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"Glee" Episode Is Amazing!



‘Glee’ Cast: Madonna Episode Is Amazing

Amanda Ernst Reality Exploits 02/18/10 10:59 AM

‘Glee’ Cast: Madonna Episode Is Amazing

While we eagerly await the return of Glee next month (it just can't seem to come soon enough…) theTVaddict.com has a short interview with two cast members: Chris Colfer, who plays flamboyant Kurt, and Kevin McHale, the lovable Artie. The two let the blog in on a few secrets from the upcoming episodes while they chatted at the Television Critics Association Press Tour last month. Here are some highlights:

Some dirt about what to expect in the new eps (one word: Madonna):

Chris: The first few episodes dig pretty deep on a lot of different levels. I really think we keep topping ourselves. Every production number, every character back-and-forth, the show keeps getting better and better.

Kevin: More songs per episode and bigger dance numbers, there's just more of everything. Plus the Madonna episode is going to be amazing.

Chris: Kurt has very good episode coming up….let's just say it's a very very very very good episode.

And, since they can't spill much more than we saw in the promo that was released this week, Chris and Kevin talked about what they wish would happen on Glee:

Chris: Eventually, I'd like to see Kurt as the editor of Kurtain magazine, a fashion magazine spelled with a 'K' of course that trumps Vogue. And I guess since it's upcoming, maybe a love interest. That's something I would want to do but really anything I could come up with would never be as good as what they come up with and continue to come up with on the show.

Kevin: I couldn't think of anything that would come close to what the writers would think of. It's amazing. The best part is getting those scripts and finding out what they're going to have us do next.

We agree, Kevin. Can't. Wait.

LINK: http://www.tv.com/glee-cast-madonna-episode-is-amazing/webnews/41179.html


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