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Join Madonna



February 10, 2010

Icon Exclusive – Join Madonna On The Taping Of ‘The Marriage Ref’!

Iconers first! Madonna is to appear on Jerry Seinfeld’s series ‘The Marriage Ref’ and our girl wants for her beloved Iconers to join her!

Do you want to attend the taping of the show, which is to take place on February 24th in New York City?

Well, production is to open up the audience to Platinum members of Madonna’s Official Fan Club first!

To request your tickets, please visit the following page and enter “Iconersdib” in the “comments/keywords” box to get first access to seats.

This offer is limited to 2 (two) tickets per Platinum member of Icon. Please also note that Iconers in the NY / Tri State area will be getting first preference for tickets, and that there is no guarantee (read the form on the website for all pertinent information). Icon do not recommend traveling in for the show since TV taping seats are never a guarantee.

Have fun!!!


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