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Jan30 David Guetta working on Madonna



…Guetta, who recently whipped up material for Madonna’s upcoming album, explains that what he loves about working with such varied artists “is that our music can reach people that are not even from hip hop or electro” scenes. “It’s just music that touches your soul.”…

Tell us about the first time you went into the studio with Kelly Rowland.
DG: It was magic. It was incredible. It was the first time I worked with an R&B singer. I feel like when it comes to to sound and energy, nobody can beat us, dance music producers. When it comes to singing and melodies, nobody can beat urban artists. They have soul. So it was the perfect combination. I’m now working on Kelly’s new album. I also have the new Madonna album coming up. So I’m very thankful to Kelly and Will and Akon—all those people who came to me when I was not big.


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