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Madonna's Soul Age



I've discovered a book named "Instruction, Living the life your soul intended" and decided to dive in, understand the age and intentions of my soul's purpose, and discover Madonna's soul age and purpose, I believe she is a level 9 (of 10). Read, discover and reveal and I'll post back. I'll also post the discovery about my soul's age and why I'm the one who created all of this. I believe Madonna Radio and the work I put forth unites her fans, through her voice. I believe, if there is indeed an instruction manual to find out why and illuminate the purpose for this ambitious project that, if indeed there are soul guides whom are guiding me along, maybe I can speak with them and identify them using the instructions set forth, according to author Ainslie MacLeod. Madonna has taught me that I do, indeed, have a soul and I believe she would approve of the revelations within this book, I wonder if she has read this book. Before I began the Madonna Radio journey, I did not believe in a G-d, I believed in a universal energy source. I still believe in a universal energy source and now I know that the encounters which led me to begin creating Madonna Radio transpired with Divine guidance. This is a reason for being intensely grateful, every minute, to have the ability to unite people, with Madonna Radio, it's divine. I knew that I am meant to produce this project. I know She's helping (her camp is helping) Madonna Radio. I have many questions and what better way to answer these questions than to ask the universe "Why me?" "How can I assist?" and ask for guidance. Break apart the word "Coincidence" and you'll see that the core is "Coincide", to be in accord or agreement : concur. That's a revelation in itself. All of these coincidences that wrote the 'Madonna Radio' history (archived in Icon) have meaning and purpose. I'll describe these soon, this post is about the book by Mr. Ainslie Macleod.

Here is a synopsis:

Instruction, Living the life your soul intendedInstruction, Living the life your soul intended

Product Description

Have you ever sensed that your life has a deeper, more meaningful purpose-but you don't know what it is? If so, you're not alone. To help you and the millions like you, psychic Ainslie MacLeod's spirit guides have given him a systematic approach to uncovering who you really are-and the life your soul has planned for you. They call it The Instruction. Now, this unique teaching is offered as a step-by-step program for realizing personal fulfillment. The Instruction will take you through 10 "doorways" to unveil the life plan your soul created before you were even born, including:--Your Soul Age: Determining how it shapes your beliefs and behaviors --Your Soul Type: Are you a Spiritualist? Thinker? Creator? What your Soul Type reveals about your true self --Past-Life Fears: How exploring previous lifetimes helps overcome blocks to happiness in this life --Talents: Reaching back into past-life experiences to create a more fulfilling future. By taking you on a journey beyond this plane, Ainslie MacLeod uses The Instruction's groundbreaking system to help you unlock the secrets of your soul's purpose, and illuminate the path of your life


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