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Ryan Murphy: Glee Madonna is gonna be huge



Live from the US"The upcoming Madonna episode deserves to be called "very special." 

"It's big... huge. We’re shooting it now. It's got like 10 numbers in it, and the production value is very big. We adore her and worship her, so when I'm directing, I'm always like, "Do it for Madonna."" 

Ryan Murphy, talking to EW's Michael Ausiello just minutes before Glee's big victory at the Golden Globes last night. 

About chances of a guest appearance of Madonna herself in the episode, "She may or may not be in the show", Murphy told the LA Times

As MadonnaTribe readers already know, the Madonna songs that will be featured on the show include:

Open Your Heart
Burning Up
4 Minutes
Crazy For You
Like A Virgin
Like A Prayer
What It Feels Like For A Girl
Express Yourself

Borderline and Open Your Heart are actually mixed into one song as sort of a medleywhile all the other songs are performed in full or in an edit version. All songs' arrangements are inspired by the album original versions of the songs except forExpress Yourself, inspired by the famous "Video Version" and Crazy For You which is presented as an exclusive acoustic guitar version.


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