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A-Trak says he's not working with Madonna



M NewsDj and producer A-Trak was fast to dismiss rumours about his involvement in Madonna's next album - and mentioned several times on his Twitter page that the story started because that "was just a joke that my friend (DJ Mehdi) made in an interview"

No matter what, news outlets and even some fan sites reprised and kept spreading the rumour in the past few days, even though a quick Google search would have made clear that a supposedly new quote used by the Daily Star to make the story more dishy was coming from an L.A. Times interview where A-Trak was talking about his own solo album instead. 

It has to be said that A-Track clearly seems flattered by the idea of attaching his name to a Madonna production. "It's all rumors, unfounded, but could still happen", he recently tweeted, and for sure he got caught in the middle of the storm, commenting "Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? This Madonna rumor made it to MTV and NME. Now I feel like I need to make this record... haha". 

To put an end to the story (and for those who don't follow him on Twitter) A-Track has now released an official statement via Pitchfork Media

"Those Madonna rumors started from a joke my boy DJ Mehdi made in an interview. Then it spread to Madonna fan-sites. Then the Daily Star fabricated a quote from me. Next thing you know it was on NME and MTV. I'm not opposed to the idea, but it's all fiction for now. By the way, DJ Mehdi is producing the next Britney record."



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