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Liz Rosenberg End of an era?



The New York Post runs an interesting story today on Page Six, where they report that the one and only Liz Rosenberg is said to be leaving Warner Bros. Records after 38 years because the company can no longer afford her.

Liz is not only Madonna's Validator of her entire career but also publicized other top acts as Cher, Michael Bublé, Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde and Paul Simon.

It's interesting to notice that speculation says Liz may become a free agent and work for the label as a consultant - and if this happens, it could also resolve a sensible knot between Madonna, her former record company, and Live Nation.

Anyway, the best part comes again from the great Liz herself, who was asked to comment on the buzz and said:

"I don't make comments about myself, and I can't imagine where you heard that. I know that there are also rumors that I've been sleeping with George Clooney, but I'm not commenting on that, either."


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